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Camryn Marquez
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Camryn Marquez You can tell by reading the song lyrics and listening to the music that this music is a source of catharsis for this band. I love the guitar tones on these songs and the vocalist, they are both very good at emoting, and these songs seem like they come from a genuinely emotional place. This is definitely on the better and more original end of emo releases, and I hope this gets a bunch of shine heading into the future. I fully support this release; it's dripping with artistic integrity. Favorite track: The Underneath.
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B L U S H was written in a period of transition and it holds stories of love, loss, suicide, friendship, drugs and other things you go through in your mid 20's.

On B L U S H we aimed to translate these feelings into sounds that vary in intensity, but are all equally abrasive.


released November 25, 2016

B L U S H was recorded in October 2015 at The Ranch in Southampton. Engineered by Daly George and produced and mixed by Neil Kennedy. Mastering by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege. All music by Atlas.



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Atlas Eindhout, Belgium

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Track Name: The Underneath
So it rises like the sea.
Fed by ages of defeat.
With small steps it stalks the crime scene
Stops and whispers: you're a thief.
And after months of lingering
Lurking underneath
It creeps up around my head as I speak: how could I be deceived?

It's not like I couldn't see it coming
That too fast was just too fast
But I never thought I could break my own heart
As if it was touched
By a shotgun blast

As I remove all of the artefacts
And drift along the room
The loveless current softly whispers: boy, did you let go to soon?

It's a stage, oh, it's a fase, it's a reason to be afraid.
It's a promise I just might...
You know, to counter the loveless lonely nights.

We're a photo, or a silkscreen print
It looks pretty but it ain't permanent

Because all beauty fades
And all beauty fakes
And the future will eventually become the past
But without all this regression, we couldn't make our wishes last
Our longings to love anything or anyone but ourselves
But let's be honest
Tt's repetition
And to love, will always turn to hell

We're the unavoidable conflict
Deaf mutes with no sense of speech
So there, I lifted my skin and I'm naked now
But what are you hiding underneath?
Track Name: Youth
This is the soundtrack, of the hopeless kin.
The swansong of all the loves that could have been.
Of all the times falling out and in, and in again.
Do you remember? Can you recall? Remember the bed's you've seen? Remember the skin's you've touched? All the luscious lips caressing your bruised ones? Remember the conversations? Remember the instigations.
Cause I can't remember anything. They all blended in with the bending in. And I'm bending in. I'm bending in.

It's hard to understand that we're going nowhere man.
This dead-end town full of "never again" 's.
Where going out is giving in to broken hearts and ruptured skin. I'm going down.

Turn up the sound of the drunken stutters.
Of the smothered midnight voicemail dial's.
Oh, our youth.
Their delirious looks in bathroom stalls.
Where the incomplete compete for closure of lost lovers.
For the "stay with me" 's.
And perfume stained sheets.
Track Name: 3AM
It's three AM at the bar right now
Been trying to talk to you for a while
Tried smuggeling some words
Before stumbling outside

I guess it's time to part

It was Silvy's birthday
And we were going to see Thomas Ruff
You supposed to be coming over for dinner
So we could make amends as we should

You sounded off on the phone
I couldn't keep my tongue
Love, what's wrong?
I tried to swallow my words
But you swallowed me whole

I guess it's time to part

Woke up with a punch drunk hand
And a wandering heart
With you telling me you wanted to talk
Because last night was a strange time to end our start
Track Name: Daly
There's no such things as happy endings
But the thought of ending it is as happy as I can be
Track Name: Missing Parts
I just met you when I told, I once lost a friend to the cold
You stopped me and you spoke, that I don't have to go through this alone.
We talked about the missing parts
How you'd never wanted to pass an ending -

We took one more
Hugged it out
Closed the door

Then autumn came in summer
And you lost what I lost before
The sound of sirens
And then the silence
The howling wind
The collapsing in

When the quiet comes the search begins
First the meadow, then the victim list
Upon asked if you're related
All thoughts of: "He'll be fine"
Turned devastated

There's no call when you're to turn a stranger
There's no warning to heed
But you if you promise to stay then I'll stay close too
With trust and hope and love to keep

Until there's nothing but the silence to hold
Track Name: Cleaner Days
Day one

I count my blessings while they're still around
Between the mornings and the clicking sounds
Of breaking down
The contents of the envelope
Of breaking out of the feeling that there's still hope
By the seventh day we're back to our routine
We're back to "it's alright, it's not what it seems"

Have I've been sleeping longer?
Have I been loving less?
Why do I chase these demons?
Why can't I get a little rest?

This is an inverted love song, for a habit that we want to kick
For all the times waking up saying we're done with it
For the clever minded girls who called it quits
Our restless chemistry lingering in splinters and bits

When can I get some sleep?
Why can't I get some sleep?
By the seventh day, we're back to our routine

I want to bury my head
Beneath the stars
And live the words of yesterday
That someday we'll all be fine
And out of the routine of the 7th day

Now we're drinking up, with tired eyes
And we're skipping nights and nights. For a dose of luck, a different sort of YES, for misplaced trust, for a hopeless mess of hopelessness.

When can I get some sleep?
Why can't I get some sleep?
By the seventh day, we're back to our routine.
With to many "should have" to many "could have been's"

Sedated kids, in coma cities, cloaked in a bunch of apologies. Here's to all the endless nights, lose the lights. Lose the lights
Track Name: Sleepers
For months i've been trying to write us down
How your tongue moves entwined with mine
Like a mountain rising in tide and time
Such grace.
So faith faints at glacial pace

The earth made flat after the flood race
An anti deluviant common space
End meets end and begs for place
If you're the heartbeat and I'm the beat
I guess we'll both find our place to sleep and keep
And so the sleeper spoke to the keeper

And I'm in between again
So sick of writing in metaphors but it's the only way I can

You're the veil between illusion and prophecy
A show with cheap magic tricks
But with very expensive tickets

The most indecisive of the un-deciders
Full of non-love and a lot of desires
You see my dear, your perfection is affliction
And you and me mere fiction
But we both like our stories complex
Your's are short and mine a mess
I guess I should have guessed
We'd never live
So here's to death.
Track Name: I Worship The Rivers
It's been months my friend
Since cold sheets parted ways with warm skin
And I feel weak
And I've been restless for weeks
An the I-miss-her-words are on repeat

No sleep without some pills to eat
No kisses, touching of lips or teeth
No sleep without a glass to drink
I'm going down but not calling it sink

Do I bother you too much with longing for her touch?
It's just that I question myself, if I'm still desirable to love

And you're all I have

The city, the couch, the overpass
The bridge that spans between the wreckage and the man
So excuse me if I repeat myself again

Move slow paced
It's still December in my brain
The (un) willingness to accept regret leaves my heart stained
I guess I just don't have what it takes

Please don't call me weak cause I know I am
You went there before but where you could I just can't.
Forgive me
I'm just a man
Or at least I try to be the best at what I am

There's a humming inside my heart forever
Tears plummeting down my cheeks
There's a boy in the mirror yelling
There's nothing left for you or me.

I'm too terrified to speak

No sleep without a glass to drink
I'm going down but not calling it sink